Pozzo Display Products and Furniture Components Co. Ltd. (Pozzo) is a Hong Kong based company. We have been supplying components, especially bespoke components and end products to factories in Europe (UK, Ireland, Serbia, Norway) since 2005.
Almost all of our customers come from the product display, furniture and bedding industries.
Please visit WHAT WE HAVE SOURCED FOR OUR CUSTOMERS to get a flavour of what we can do for you. Almost all of the products we supply are made with these materials: metal, plastic. glass and wood.
Having accumulated twelve years of experience in working with European customers and Chinese factories, plus being completely fluent in English and four Chinese dialects, Pozzo’s staff feel very confident in being able to solve problems that will surface occasionally. We take the risks out of doing business with Asia for you.

Our Focus

Pozzo aims to supply quality components to our customer’s specifications at globally competitive prices.

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What the Stakeholders Have to Say

The stakeholders include our customers, the factories we work with and our staff.

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What We Have Sourced for Our Customers

Our supply chain has changed with time and is well diversified.

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Why Use Our Services

Six good reasons

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